Mones — Powered By Xantus

Mones is powered by Xantus

“We have a clear goal for the Xantus ecosystem to reach 1 MILLION users by 2022.”

(Nguyen Dang Hieu, CEO at Xantus)

If you are interested in learning about Mones, rest assured that Mones is developed by a trusted team called Xantus.

What is Xantus? What are our plans for Mones? Let’s get to know each other by reading the following article.

What is Xantus?

Based in Singapore, Xantus is a blockchain startup with the ambition to put our name on the GameFi world map as one of the top GameFi networks. Venture Capital, NFT Game projects, Game Hub, and, in the future, NFT Wallet and other GameFi applications are all part of our ecosystem.

Our team is made up of crypto millionaires, serial blockchain startup entrepreneurs, and blockchain professionals with extensive experience in investing in and developing blockchain projects.

Some of our team’s projects have been invested in, advised, and directly developed include Step Hero Multiverse, Ninneko, GameFi, Dragon Kart.

Xantus’ mission is to empower the mass adoption and transformation of blockchain technology and refine the freedom of blockchain life with trust, companionship, and growth.

Xantus’ vision is to build a blockchain ecosystem of 80 million users by 2026 and diverse sectors in the blockchain space.

Our plan for Mones

Mones is one of the key projects that will help us reach our goal of 1 million users by the end of 2022.

Xantus’ strategy for developing a sustainable GameFi ecosystem is to build a loyal community of players who will use and invest in our ecosystem and benefit in the long run.

In the future, Xantus will integrate many games of various genres into the ecosystem to diversify the user base and provide users with a variety of options.

Mones, a game for the mid-core to hard-core player segment, will assist us in acquiring a user base of high-level gamers willing to invest money and time in order to conquer and earn from the game. Besides, the game will also help us develop our network of gaming guild partners.

In the past, we have been successful in building a community of mass players. Building a community of players in the mid-core to hard-core segment will be a big challenge but also full of excitement for us.

Our Mones strategy is built around three key points:

Fantastic game

A team of programmers from Neoul Entertainment and Xantus collaborated on the Mones product. Neoul Entertainment is one of Korea’s leading game studios, with a number of well-established game products. Mones will enchant true gamers with its appealing gameplay and high-quality graphics.

P2E Economy 2.0

We are creating a 2.0 generation P2E Economy in which users are encouraged to trade, reinvest in games, and earn long-term profits.

High-quality community

By calling for investment from tier 1 VCs and a marketing strategy that focuses on quality users who really care about the project, we will build a loyal user community to accompany Mones and later Xantus’ products.

Learn more about Xantus

Website | Twitter

About Mones

Mones is a Hero-collecting RPG where you collect over 200 hero characters, turn them into skilled warriors through training then fight in PvE/PvP battles to take over the kingdom.

💛 Join us & become a Monesian

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