Monthly Roadmap: January 2022 — Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

Monthly roadmap: January 2022

Dear Monesians,

New Year’s Day is the first page in a blank book: Write a phenomenal story!

Community First is the number one core value of the Mones team. We are committed to every action we take toward creating a community of Monesians that trust, engage, and grow together.

As a result, to commemorate the start of the new year, we will embark on a new practice known as Monthly Roadmap & Monthly Review.

The Mones team will publish a Monthly Roadmap at the beginning of each month, outlining our goals and plans for the coming month.

In a Monthly Review at the end of the month, we’ll summarize these goals and identify areas for improvement so that we can do better the following month.

We hope to receive community feedback on every action we take.

Let’s start with goals for January 2022

January 2022 goals

  1. Complete project Website & White paper
  2. Form strategic partnership with 1 tier-1 VC
  3. Hold Airdrop & Referral programs
  4. Grow at least 10k community members

This is the stage at which we begin to build brand identity and a Monesian community of people who are aware of and excited about the upcoming launch of Mones. As a result, our objectives are to build credibility among potential users and investors.

By completing our website and white paper, we can provide complete and detailed information about the project, assisting users and investors in learning about and evaluating the project’s potential.

Receiving investment from 1 tier-1 VC will help our team receive valuable advice to develop the project and increase Mones’ reputation with the community.

We will also organize an airdrop and referral program to leverage the power of the community to spread the Mones brand to a larger number of people.

We are excited about the goals, how about you?

💛 Join us & become a Monesian

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